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We normally tell you about The Covid Shield but today we are going to introduce you to the other team-mates of our business!

The Covid Shield is owned and operated by our parent company – Design Plastics International Inc (DPI).  We can pretty much guarantee you have seen DPI’s work, but we can almost certainly say…you didn’t even realize it.  DPI is an innovative and creative company that makes and distributes displays for a variety of companies.  You may have seen their work in Costco, The Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, as well as a variety of other retailers large and small.  For more details check out www.DesignPlastics.ca

Ninja Prints is the other member of our family.  If you are looking for a unique, creative, or personalized gift, Ninja Prints is here to help!  The talented team of highly trained creative warriors let their quality work speak for itself.  From novelty license plates to full size standees and everything in between, if you can dream it, they will do their best to bring it to life for you.  Head over to www.NinjaPrints.ca to see what they can do! 

When it comes to The Covid Shield, it has become a staple PPE item for numerous individuals and companies.  The Covid Shield provides full face coverage from forehead to chin (for most people), and around the sides on the face.  A feature unique to our shield is that it has a fully enclosed forehead area with no foam or soft cushioning.  This doesn’t detract from the comfort of the shield, but it gives the advantage of it being a completely safe to sanitize product.  The shield can be worn multiple times, with sanitizing between uses, and then eventually recycled.   

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