What You Need To Know About Face Shields

As the world around us is starting to open up, and shields and masks are being encouraged, we thought you might like to learn about the upside of shields in day to day life.  Here are 5 reasons we love a shield.

1) The summer heat has arrived, and with that it's getting harder to breathe for some.  A face shield has the advantage of being more comfortable during the hot and humid days ahead.  You also alleviate the fogging up of glasses when you wear a shield instead of a mask.  

2) Clear speech and facial cues are a major concern to those speaking to someone who is wearing a mask.  If we choose to wear a face shield instead, it allows the user to speak unclouded by a mask and eliminates the potential loss of clarity in our words.  For those that have hearing impediments, hearing someone and seeing their lips move is imperative for having a clear and concise conversation.

3) Masks make us want to touch our face.  There's no way around this, we just aren't used to having to wear a mask all day.  Shields solve this problem!  Surveys have shown that those wearing face shields were far less likely to touch it or their face, and it's been said that a shield is often times so comfortable, that the user actually forgot they were wearing it.

4) Full face protection is probably one of the biggest advantages that a shield brings to the table.  Face shields not only protect the nose and mouth like a mask does, but they protect the eyes too.  All three of these have mucous membranes, and they should all be protected against droplets from viruses. 

5) Face shields are a breeze for cleaning.  Simply wipe down the surface with an antibacterial wipe or soap and water after an outing, and then use it again and again.  Some shields even go the extra mile, and they are fully recyclable.

**Remember that for optimal protection when selecting your face shield it should extend to below the chin, around the sides of the face, and have an enclosed forehead area.

Stay Happy and Healthy - The Covid Shield

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